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Facelift or Rhydidectomy

This procedure is indicated for improving/lifting the sagging of the face, jowls and neck tissues. Depending on the severity of the aging process, other procedures can be performed at the same time to improve the overall appearance of the face and neck.


The procedures that are often included are fat grafting. As we age the facial volume we all had during our youth begins to melt away or empty out causing flattening of the cheeks, deepening of the nasolabial folds and together with the loosing of the facial skin give us the “tired” look. Facial fat graft to the face requires no stitches and is not painful. It is an excellent adjunct procedure we commonly perform with all types of facial surgery. The benefit of restoring volume to the facial areas is a critical step to restoring a youthful appearance.


Another commonly performed procedure at the time of facial surgery is a chemical peel.

The standard facial peel we perform at the time of facial surgery is the 35% TCA (TRICHLOROACETIC ACID). This peel is effective has been used for many years and provides quick healing in 5-7 days. Most importantly it is not painful or require weeks of downtime. In addition to the adjunct procedures previously mentioned we routinely perform contouring of the face and neck using liposuction. We use very small liposuction cannulas to
suction in these areas. This procedure is done for contouring not for aggressive fat removal.

T-Z Plasty of the Neck

This procedure is primarily indicated for the male that desires to have the “ turkey neck” removed without a necklift or facelift procedure. The tissue is removed from the front of the neck. A scar will remain in front of the neck and fade over time. This procedure is very effective in refining the neck.


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