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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
7744 Broadway, Suite 210
San Antonio, Texas 78209
Telephone: 210-829-7411
Fax: 210-829-7899 
info @ DrMplasticsurgery . com
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Monday - Thursday: 9am-4pm
Friday: 9am-12pm 
Saturday & Sunday: by request



Surgery Center
Christus Santa Rosa Physicians Ambulatory Surgery Center
423 Treeline Park
San Antonio Texas

Adjacent Hospital for Overnight Stay
Christus Santa Rosa Hospital 
- Alamo Heights 
423 Treeline Park
San Antonio Texas







In-Person Consultation
We feel that the initial consultation should provide a thorough discussion with you regarding your desires and goals. After careful consideration of your unique circumstances (age, desired results, etc.) we will recommend procedures in relation to what can realistically be achieved for optimum results.

Online Consultation - by private email
Even before you meet with Dr. Menendez, he will be glad to respond to your questions by email. An online consultation with Dr. Menendez is the easiest way to begin exploring what aesthetic surgery can do for you. Email inquiries about costs of surgical procedures cannot be answered. If you desire information about the costs of services, please contact Dr. Menendez's office at 210-829-7411 for a complimentary consultation.

Send a Photo
Take a very clear, bright photo of the area you would like to discuss with Dr. Menendez and email it to info @ DrMplasticsurgery . com. Whether you use a digital camera or scan from a paper photograph, simply save the image on your computer as a .JPG file, then attach it to the email you are sending. Please include all required information, and send the photos of areas of interest with front and side views, if possible. He will respond within 72 hours.

Dr. Menendez can not evaluate you without photos. Please note that photos can only show so much; an in-person visit is always the final determinant for plastic surgery. 

Virtual Consultations/Facetime Consultations

If alternate/ long distance consultations are needed, a FaceTime consultation can be scheduled. You will meet with Dr. Menendez at your scheduled time with your webcam or phone for a personal consultation. Please remember that this representation is only 2D, so no matter how good your equipment is, it is not a 3D representation. This final recommendations for surgery must be confirmed with a visit to our office.


Please call 210-829-7411

to schedule your consultation with Dr. Menéndez, MD, FACS.

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