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Keeping close ties with his past has helped Dr. Jorge L. Menendez create a better future for himself and his patients.

Dr. Menendez was born in Havana, Cuba, and immigrated to the United States with his family in 1968 at the age of ten, where he immediately embarked upon the arduous pursuit of mastering English and excelling in his educational endeavors. This eventually placed him at the esteemed Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas, from which he received his medical degree. Dr. Menendez participated in General Surgery training at Parkland Memorial Hospital and affiliated hospitals in Dallas, Texas. He then completed a three year specialty training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the prestigious Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City under the guidance of Dr. Saul Hoffman, MD and Dr. Bernard Simon, MD. As part of his third year in Plastic Surgery training Dr. Menendez participated in a six week externship in 1989 under the guidance of world renowned Craniofacial and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Daniel Marchac in Paris, France. It was during this externship in Paris that Dr. Menendez was introduced to and worked with Dr. Pail Tessier, the father of Craniofacial Surgery, and also Dr. Ilouz, the innovator of the techniques in liposuction. It was this experience in Paris, France, with the giants of the field, that Dr. Menendez developed a passion and inspiration to follow these remarkable mentors into the field of Aesthetic and Craniofacial Surgery.

After completing his third year of Plastic Surgery Residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in the capacity of Chief Resident, Dr. Menendez embarked on a Fellowship in Craniofacial & Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with Dr. Kenneth E. Salyer, MD FACS, at the International Craniofacial Institute in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Salyer is known around the world for his innovations in Craniofacial Surgery, and together with Dr. Marchac and Dr. Tessier, they set the path for Dr. Menendez’s passion for innovation and patient care.

​At the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Menendez uses these deep experiences to foster better results in his work and to have more productive relationships with his patients. Regardless of the procedure performed, he sees his patients numerous times during the pre-operative stage so that they are fully educated on all aspects of their procedures.

In addition to patient education, his impeccable eye for detail and exacting surgical and aesthetic precision, Dr. Menendez's internet initiatives have been instrumental in empowering his patients with up-to-date medical information. He was one of the earliest surgeons to participate in Allergan's mentor teaching program, teaching other physicians on injection techniques of Botox Cosmetic. Dr. Menendez is recognized as an expert the world over in the use of Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm.

Dr. Menendez has active medical licenses in Texas, New York, Connecticut and Maine, and is fluent in Spanish. Jorge L. Menendez, MD, FACS is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In his leisure time, Dr. Menendez is an avid tennis player and sailor. He restored his beloved sailboat with painstaking care and the same attention to detail he holds for beautiful visages.



It is the responsibility of a plastic surgeon to understand his patient’s unique desires, to help them understand the procedure chosen, and to be realistic about what is achievable. It is my strong belief that sometimes a less extensive procedure can provide a rejuvenating change that will both last and provide happiness to the patient... It is extremely rewarding and gratifying to help patients realize their dreams. I constantly strive to be on the cutting edge of all new procedures, helping my patients achieve their goals by using the safest and most effective procedures.


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