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Epigenetics, Aging, and the Future of Skincare

Deep science engages in the pursuit of the evasive forces both external and internal that affect the largest organ in the human body, our skin! The adult skin envelope covers an average area of 20 square feet. It is this wrapping that is receiving laser-focused attention with sophisticated research to reverse - in part, and hopefully halt - the chronological footprint of aging at a cellular level. The role of epigenetic science in skin aging is front and center in this endeavor.

Epigenetics describes the cellular physiological processes that create end products  damaging to the cellular components of our skin and other organ systems. They do not change DNA, but reprogram the genetic end products of cellular activity to release toxic products that are damaging. The forces that impact the cellular activity are both internal and external, such as environment. The most commonly modifiable culprits are lifestyle choices. Cutting edge upcoming skin care products will encompass this technology by treating at the cellular level or “under our skin”!





Epigenetics is the study of biological mechanisms that can activate or inactivate your genes, which affects how cells read them and in turn produce functional products such as proteins. The SKINTELLI test measures DNA methylation, a well-characterized epigenetic mechanism, of genes strongly correlated to skin quality factors and ultimately cosmetic properties.



The future of wellness should be affordable, personalized, and precise -- which can only be achieved by revealing each person’s unique epigenetic code.

Headquartered in New York, EpigenCare Inc. is an award-winning biotechnology company focused on data-driven and scientifically grounded personalized wellness solutions. The company has its roots in EpiGentek, a well-known epigenetics-focused research organization. EpigenCare is particularly focused on pioneering applications for consumer epigenetics by utilizing rigorous scientific methods and technologies, including next-generation sequencing. Its first product, SKINTELLI, is a personal epigenomics skincare test to accurately identify the dynamic states of skin, enabling a means to match consumers' skin quality profiles with existing skincare products on the market.


EpigenCare is technologically supported by EpiGentek, a well-known epigenetics-focused research company.

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