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Plastic Surgery Testimonials

From a recent Google review:

If I could give more stars than a standard 5, I would.

Let me start off by saying that mine was a special case. From a young age my breasts were uneven. However, thru several car accidents in the past my sternum had been broken. One side of my sternum elevated an inch or two on my left side where the smaller breast was. On the right side, my pec muscle had been torn from a seat belt away from the tissue originally the accident followed by another incident as well. Before all that I had a baby who at the time of the surgery is two and a half. Reflecting back to breast feeding, the smaller breast (left) was for whatever reason the only one that could be emptied for milk and so the right one swelled up and couldn't be emptied. Now if you tack on the weight loss. Thru out my life my weight fluctuates from over 200 down to 135 and on a petite person (5'3") thats a massive difference. Starting at over 200 pounds a few months after the baby was born, I was bent on getting into shape. I dropped down to 115 right before the surgery. As much as I wanted to celebrate my achievement, the car accidents and other injuries occurred in that window of time. When the muscle was torn on the right pec muscle, the already larger breast healed larger and hung lower than the smaller that's also elevated from my broken sternum. I had to buy overly padded bras and then stuff the one on the left with additional stuffing. I'd say the left was a 32-b while the right was a 32-D. I suffered thru a lot of embarrassment when stuffing would fall out and jokingly tell my friend "oh, I have to run to the bathroom to fix my 'flat tire'!" While picking up napkins on the floor. I had always wanted a breast augmentation, but now I needed it more than ever to fix my deformities.

But with that in mind, who do I go to?! I started searching 8 months before the surgery in every city in Texas. I began to lose faith in finding the right surgeon. Yes, of course, anyone wants bigger beasts. But my biggest turn off from every surgeon was 'big, gaint bubbles'. I wanted to be enhanced but not "fake" looking and needed somebody I could trust to not just be excellent at implants but could handle my particular case. I must have looked thru at least 40 surgeons thru out Texas with no avail. I branched off to surrounding states and had no luck finding "the one" either. I broke down in tears crying that at my mom's house that I would be stuck like this forever. That night I prayed.

A few days later, my husband and I went out. I stumbled into this beautiful girl on the dance floor and I couldn't help but question if her breasts were real or fake. Later on that night, I gathered up the courage to ask her. She told me they were implants while raving about this surgeon who was extremely skilled in S.A. She had the surgery 5 years ago and there was no visible scar while still maintaining the perfect shape. Apprehensive about my particular case, I scheduled my appointment immediately.

My first impression was that his office was beautiful but my biggest first impression was how amazing his staff was. His nurses are phenomenal.

When I met Dr Menendez I quickly realized he was one of the kindest and most knowledgeable people I'd ever met. When I told him my story he explained that had several years in a trauma specialized E.R.. I was already sold on his work, but this detail gave me an added amount of trust that knocked it out of the park.

All my consultations were free. There was 5 or more because he ordered numerous medical records, an MRI and and xray along with standard mammograms and blood work. His staff helping me thru all of this was *on point*.

I truly thank God that I found him. It has been two weeks since the surgery now. The stitches were removed a week after the surgery. Even though I'm still going thru "the dropping" phase, THEY ARE PERFECT!!!!

I CAN'T THANK DR MENENDEZ ENOUGH!! His hard work and skill have given me a new confidence and peace in myself I never thought was possible! They are perfect in shape!! I'm in tears as I write this. I'm so happy!!

- C.B.

"I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Menendez. What a tremendously caring gifted surgeon he is. He truly listened to what I was hoping to accomplish and gave me fantastic results. I worry about everything and his staff was so professional yet compassionate from the day I walked into his office! Dr. Menendez and his whole office are very calming and truly make you feel like you are part of the family. My neck and face are amazing. Surgery was so much easier then I have imagined. I did not take one pain pill. Would highly recommend Dr. Menendez to anyone who has been waiting to have cosmetic work done! I cannot be happier my experience cannot have been better!! Would not hesitate to do it again but only with Dr. Menendez! Thanks again to Dr. Menendez, Robbie, Phylis, & Ali"
- J.A.

"I wish I had done this years ago. Even in high school when I weighted 97 lbs., I had a belly. With this very non-invasive procedure and a little effort on my part, I have gone down 2 - 3 sizes in my clothes. It's one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Let's face it, the world admires thinness. Now I am constantly being told how great I look. Now that's worth it!" 
- woman, age 46

"The opportunity to tell my story to those who are thinking of having cosmetic surgery is a pleasure. I came to Dr. Menendez's office not really expecting to have a whole facelift. I wasn't even aware of how awful I had begun to look after my husband's death. I just knew I needed something to make me feel better. I didn't want to look like Joan Rivers or Phyllis Diller, and I told the Doctor that. He assured me he would not do that. I was only somewhat apprehensive because of how well I was treated, not only by Dr. Menendez, but all the office staff. The outcome was better than I had ever anticipated. They helped me find a skin treatment clinic where I could continue to improve the look of my skin as well as a new hairdresser and a new dress shop. The Doctor even offered to make a house call over the weekend if I felt I needed it. My recovery time was much less than I expected. I was able to go to church less than two weeks after surgery. No one really knew what I had done, but they knew I somehow looked much better and so much more rested. I am very pleased with every service I have received from the whole staff. YES, I would do it again." 
- woman, age 58

"My experience with Dr. Menendez was an all time high. Every event went extremely well, from the office visits to the end results, which are FANTASTIC."
- woman, age 61

"Having had other Plastic surgery procedures by other doctors, my experience with Dr. Menendez was by far the best. The assurance and confidence I felt from Dr. Menendez and his staff was enough for me to know my outcome of my facelift would turn out great. I will come back to Dr. Menendez for more surgery in the very near future. Being 60 and looking 50 is the best." 
- woman, age 60

"Not only is Dr. Menendez an excellent surgeon, current on the latest techniques and procedures, but he is a doctor who genuinely cares about his patients."  
- woman, age 49

"Dr. Menendez is amazing! My whole experience with him was great, from his front office staff to the anesthesiologist, to the nurses at the hospital. Everyone was such a joy to be around. They made me feel welcome, they were very helpful and easy to work with. They never missed a beat from my first appointment to the follow up... After the surgery, they were always there, ready and willing to help. I LOVE MY RESULTS! Plastic Surgery is frightening, because it is something that you will have to look at for the rest of your life. I would never entrust my body to anyone other than Dr. Menendez. Take it from me, there's nobody better!!" 
- woman, age 21

"As a small framed person, I had large hips, thighs and abdomen. Dr. Menendez performed liposuction surgery. His consultation was in great detail. Surgery and post-op went exactly as I was told with no hidden surprises. I am truly happy with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Menendez."  
- woman, age 55


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